Admissions open for the next Academic Year - June 2019 to March 2020

Hello from Magic Puddles!!

Our Admissions for the next academic year - June 2019 to March 2020 are now open and we invite you and your children to be part of our fun learning experiences. We are a preschool and invite applications for children who will be at least 1.5 years as of June 2019.

We are an alternate school and our attempt is to create a space for children where their development can be more holistic – in a way that each has the space to reach one’s full potential. As this is the most absorbing and learning period for our children, we will like to prepare them for the next level of schooling and for the life that he or she is going to lead - so they can live and learn with confidence and self-respect. We would like them to imbibe along with us the quality to live joyously. Also, we would like to create a culture of sharing, caring and respect for - people, our surroundings and the environment.

The uniqueness of this place is the freedom given to children to express, explore and create.

If this sounds interesting, please come over and meet one of us – our only request is to call before you come.

‘Play is the work of the child’ – Dr.Mcinture Shirleyann

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Mcinture Shirleyann
66 and 67, 'Satyashraya', 2nd Cross, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore 560078
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